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Friday, 25 September 2015 10:26

Salt Ayre TTs, 30 - 24th September, 2015

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What are we going to do on Thursday evenings now then?! This was the last of this year's series of 30 Salt Ayre time trials. We're past the autumnal equinox, the nights are drawing in (& getting colder), and depending on your inclination, it's time to start getting in the miles, to turn to track or X, or hibernate!

Most important, a HUGE thank you to the core team of people who have made 2015 such a success - the overall organiser & time keeper Bob Muir, Jan Muir & Carmen Jackson on the signing-on desks, Tom Jackson on refreshments, & Tim Norton & Brian Kennedy for sorting volunteers & helping to make things run smoothly. And to all of you who have helped in all kinds of ways, big & small, across the season. Thursday nights just wouldn't work without a whole bunch of people mucking in. So thanks to everyone, and let's hope we can sustain the success next year.

And of course, thanks too to all the riders. Another 78 last night, taking the overall figure of time trials at Salt Ayre this season above 2000 - stunning! It wasn't the fastest night, cool & blustery, but it stayed dry & for those not concentrating too hard on the effort there was a fine sunset followed by a lovely moon!

Of 16 riders at 2 miles James McCracken was fastest in 5:39, followed by Dylan Edwards in 5:58. Max Davies was 3rd in 6:10. Amongst the girls, fastest was Ella Cornwall in 7:32, followed by Zoe Tunnadine in 8:13 and Hannah Dykes in 8:38. But really well done to all the youngsters who've given the Salt Ayre 2 mile time trial a go this season, and we look forward to you coming back for more next year.

24 riders took on 6 miles. First off were Flo Horton & Megan Howarth, both 12 years old, riding as a 2-up & finishing in 19:15.

Flo Horton  Megan Howarth 2 up TT Salt Ayre Small

Of the 22 6 mile solo riders Ben Pennance was fastest in an impressive 15:48, more than a minute ahead of 2nd placed James Tunnadine in 16:53 & James McCracken - still fresh after his effort at 2 miles - in 17:06. Fastest girl was Nancye Roberts in 20:01.

At 10 miles two sets of lads rode 2-ups: the pair of William Dykes & John Roberts - both 12 - looked good as they rode to 27:38; and so too did 12 year old Adam Hodgson & 11 year old Isaac Atkinson, who took just 20 seconds more, finishing in 27:58.

Ian Sibbert was fastest of the solo riders in 22:44, followed by Sean Casson in 22:55 & Andrew Barlow in 23:08. The top 3 women were Sandra Ashton (30:10), Dawn McCracken (30:45), & Sue Holden (31:10).

So that's it for this year! But don't forget it's LCC's Open Hill Climb event, comprising 2 climbs up either side of Quernmore Valley, this Sunday (27th Sunday) morning; the more spectators the merrier. And keep an eye on this website for other news as it happens - including details of rides, the Annual Club Dinner, and occasional results & photos from track & cyclocross. And if there's anything you want to communicate, please let me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.- know & I'll make sure it's put up here.

As always, full results below.

Friday, 18 September 2015 11:29

Salt Ayre TTs, 29 - 17th September, 2015

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A slight surprise that our penultimate evening of 2015 Salt Ayre time trials, past mid-September now, was one of the best nights of the year! There was very little wind and something about the atmospheric conditions just seemed favourable. Some excellent times were set as the day slowly disappeared into darkness, and a few Personal Bests broken - so very well done to all concerned! (It's a great feeling when all the hard work is rewarded with your best time ever, eh?!)

35 riders at 10 miles, 28 at 6 miles, & 14 at 2 miles gave a total field of 77 - and we're on course to record over 2000 rides during 2015 at Salt Ayre time trials next week - quite an achievement!

There were many great performances among the 14 riders at two miles, with all the smallest Cog Setters getting steadily faster (& some seemingly in leaps & bounds!), the parents and other onlookers around the track cheering them on. This week's best time of 6 minutes exactly was recorded by Max Davies. 2nd was Dylan Edwards in 6:16, 3rd Ethan Yates in 6:21, & 4th William Statham in 6:34. Fastest of the girls was Amelie Earnshaw in 6:55, followed by Ella Cornwall (7:22), Pippa Darlington (7:23), & Jess Pugh (7:25).

At 6 miles there were far too many cracking rides to mention. An incredible 18 of the 28 riders broke the 18 minute, 20 mph barrier. That's a lot of potential stored up for the future! Isaac Weber did a very impressive ride to get the fastest time on the night, of 14:33. He was followed by Ken Roberts (15:23) & William Dykes (16:01). The fastest three rides amongst the girls, meanwhile, were done by Sasha Oldham (17:26), Flo Horton (17:59), & Megan Howarth (19:13). Brilliant stuff all round!

Of the 10 milers former Cog Setter Sam Monkhouse continues his development as a very classy rider and rode fastest of everyone on the night, finishing in 21:58. Next were Ian Sibbert (22:44) and Andrew Barlow (23:12), with another younger rider, Kyle Lewis, riding powerfully to fourth in 23:30. The fastest woman was Louise Goddard in 28:22, and Jim Lawley once more triked successfully around Salt Ayre's bends to 34:39.

Well done to everyone who rode, and to all those who continue to volunteer as this long road season starts drawing now towards a close. And thanks to Clarkson Hirst Solicitors for their support. It seems safe to say that the Thursday evening time trial has turned into a pretty solid tradition, and weekly highlight for many, these last few years. Next week is the last of the year, so please try to get along to see the time trial year close with a fanfare!

And finally, don't forget that on Sunday 27th September, thanks to Bob Muir, Lancaster CC host a double Open hill climb - Conder Bottoms at 10 am, followed by Jubilee Tower at midday. If it's like last year, it'll be a superb occasion, with plenty of opportunity to recover between the rides & to chat with club-mates & fellow competitors whilst supping tea & eating cake at the event HQ. And if you're quick, although on-line entry has closed, it's not yet too late to enter - but you must get in touch with Bob (see his contact details on the 'Contacts' page of this site) & get your entry to him by Saturday 19th September at the very latest. Entry is £7.50/hill, on a CTT entry form. If you'd like to enjoy the occasion without the pain, then you could provide cakes &/or volunteer to marshall - help is still needed. Or simply come along & cheer the riders up the steepest sections!

As ever, full results from this week's Salt Ayre time trials are available by clicking on 'Read more' below.

Monday, 14 September 2015 08:44

Salt Ayre TTs, 28 - 10th September, 2015

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A dry but blustery evening for the latest in this season's Thursday evening time trials with an impressive turn out of 86 riders (37 at 10 miles, 28 at 6 miles, & 21 at 2 miles).

At 2 miles Dylan Edwards was first ahead of Jack Tipler by the slender margin of four seconds, finishing in 5:54 against 5:58. Just two seconds further back, and edging under the magic 6 minute mark by a fraction of a second, was Bob Muir - temporarily parking his time-keeping duties for a rare appearance on the track - which was very good to see (after facilitating some 2000 rides over the course of this year, it's fitting that Bob should eventually get a go himself!). The fastest girl was Megan Howarth in 6:32.

At 6 miles Ben Pennance finished in 15:15, almost a minute ahead of next placed rider, the much younger William Dykes who rode to an exceptionally good time of 16:12. Graeme Cook was third in 16:30, just ahead of James McCracken (16:32) & Adam Hodgson (16:34). Next was fastest girl Sasha Oldham in 16:56.

At 10 miles George Wharton was the fastest rider on the night, though looking again at the splits we think the (alarmingly fast!) time with which he was credited on the night was a minute too fast, and his actual time should be 22:07. Sorry George! Nonetheless, George was over half-a-minute quicker than next-placed Ian Sibbert (22:48), who was followed by the Barlows, Ben in 22:55 and Andrew in 23:06. The fastest woman was Niamh Lewis in 26:14.

Thank you to all who helped out on the night, & to Clarkson Hirst Solicitors for their support. If you fancy having a go at a time trial before the end of the season, there are only two weeks left, so get in touch & then come down to Salt Ayre to have a go!

The full results are below.

Monday, 07 September 2015 13:38

Salt Ayre TTs, 27 - 3rd September, 2015

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2015 has now had more week's containing a Salt Ayre time trial on a Thursday evening than not! And there are still three more weeks to go!

With the schools returning, the 27th of this season's 30 week series saw a resumption in pre-school holiday participation levels. LCC's President & Racing Secretary, and the man without whom this event which has become such a foundation of the club cycling calendar would not happen, Bob Muir says 2015 is already the most successful season of time trialing at Salt Ayre. In 2012 we had 975 individual rides recorded; in 2013 this increased to 1118 and increased again in 2014 to 1263.

With 74 rides tonight (30 at 10 miles, 24 at 6 miles, & 20 at 2 miles) there have already been 1888 individual rides. So with another three weeks to go we may exceed 2000 rides for the season. That's some achievement (for everyone concerned)!

P1100341 Small

Clearly not everyone enjoyed too much ice-cream over summer, & there were some impressive times - including quite a few PBs - on one of the best evenings of the year so far - warm, dry & almost still.

At two miles three riders cracked the magic six minute, 20 mph barrier - fastest was Harry Shaw in 5:39, followed by Jack Tipler & Dylan Edwards in 5:58 & 5:59 respectively. Congratulations lads! The fastest girl was Kirsty Maher in 6:51.

There were some super-quick times at six miles too, with Kyle Lewis fastest in 14:13, followed exactly half-a-minute later by Isaac Weber (14:43). In third was the much younger Adam Hodgson in 16:45. Four more riders cracked the 20 mph, 18 minute barrier - James McCracken (16:49), Harry Coulthwaite (17:21), Karen Gay (17:32), & Chris Barlow (17:40). The fastest of the younger female riders was Flo Horton in 18:41 (& thanks to her for the artistic 'water bottles on the ground' photo!).

At ten miles Andrew Horn again showed himself to be probably the strongest rider around Salt Ayre's loop this year - finishing in an excellent 21:37. He was followed by Ian Sibbert & Adrian Dalgleish in 22:16 & 22:24 respectively. Three other riders cracked the magic 25 mph, 24 minute barrier - Andy Barlow (23:10), Tom Oldham (23:31), & John Hatton (23:59). A little further back, 14 year old Sam Pugh continues to look stronger & faster, recording an excellent 24:19. Jenny Evans was the fastest woman, in 25:35, followed by Kerry Oldfield in 26:44.

As ever, big thanks to Clarkson Hirst Solicitors for their support of the series, & to all the many people who helped out in ways big & small. Club cycling depends on a wide range of people making all kinds of contributions, and whatever you offer will be gratefully received.

To see the full results, please click 'Read more' below.

Friday, 04 September 2015 13:18

Salt Ayre TTs, 26 - 27th August, 2015

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The number of rides for our Thursday evening time trials continue once more to rise, following the slight summer holiday lull. Though the schools were still out, 78 riders took part for the last August event - 17 at 2 miles, 28 at 6 miles, & 33 at 10 miles.

The top 5 at 2 miles: Max Davies, 6:21; Ethan Yates, 6:39; William Statham, 6:44; Ben Greenep, 6:50; & Pippa Darlington, 7:08.

The top 5 at 6 miles: Isaac Weber, 15:08; Ben Pennance, 15:35; Graeme Cook, 16:52; Hannah Edwards, 16:58; & William Dykes, 17:01.

And the top 5 at 10 miles: Ben Harrison, 21:45; Sam Monkhouse, 22:25; Adrian Dalgleish, 22:36; Andy Barlow, 23:21; & Ian Rutherford, 23:36. Fastest woman was Jenny Evans in 25:32. And a special mention for this season's only trike rider, Jim Lawley in 35:09.

(But of course, a very well done to all the riders for competing, & for continuing to make this season such a success for the Club, & for local cycling generally.)

As ever, thanks to Clarkson Hirst Solicitors for their support for the series, & all those who helped out. The full results are below.

Friday, 04 September 2015 11:45

Salt Ayre TTs, 25 - 20th August, 2015

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70 riders took part in the 25th Thursday evening of time trialling at Salt Ayre so far this year; 14 at 2 miles, 22 at 6 miles, & 34 at 10 miles.

Fastest over two miles was Max Davies in 6:16. Ethan Yates was 2nd in 6:38, and third was the fastest girl Megan Howarth, in 6:46.

At six miles Ben Pennance was fastest in 15:46, just two seconds quicker than 2nd-placed Isaac Webber. Lydia Shenton was the fastest girl, in 19:08.

Over ten miles Ian Sibbert was the fastest in 22:17 from Adrian Dalgleish in 22:56, with the fastest woman third-placed Lynn Hamel in 23:05.

Thanks to Clarkson Hirst Solicitors for supporting the Thursday evening time trial series, and everyone who helped out on the night. A special shout out to those who have turned out week-in, week-out throughout the season and do the bulk of the work - time-keeper & results maestro Bob Muir, Jan Muir & Carmen Jackson on the registration desk, Tom Jackson who sorts all the refreshments, & Tim Norton who pulls the rest of the volunteers together - please remember that we couldn't ride without them, and be extra-specially nice to them!

Click below for the full results.

Friday, 04 September 2015 11:11

Salt Ayre TTs, 24 - 13th August, 2015

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There was a bigger field for the second of August's Salt Ayre evening time trials, with 10 riders at 2 miles, 19 at 6 miles & 29 at 10 miles making 58 rides in all.

Ethan Yates was the quickest rider over 2 miles, in 6:39; with 3rd overall Jess Pugh the quickest girl in 7:01. At 6 miles James McCracken was the quickest, in 16:17; with Sasha Oldham 8th overall & the quickest girl in 18:12. And at 10 miles Ian Sibbert went quickest, in 22:28, with 2nd overall Lynn Hamel the quickest woman in 22:49.

Thanks as always to Clarkson Hirst Solicitors for supporting, & the big team of people responsible for making the riding possible. The full results are available by clicking on 'Read more' below.

Friday, 04 September 2015 10:52

Salt Ayre TTs, 23 - 6th August 2015

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I'm back from holiday & catching up on what's been happening during August. If you've got any cycling news you want sharing with your clubmates via this website, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With summer holiday season fully underway, the first of August's Thursday evening Salt Ayre time trials saw a reduced field - just 42 riders in all; 7 at 2 miles, 12 at 6 miles, & 23 at 10 miles.

Over 2 miles fastest boy was Luke Oakes in 6:23, & fastest girl Kirsty Maher in 7:01. At 6 miles James McCracken was fastest boy in 17:01, & Tilly Percy fastest girl in 17:45. And at 10 miles Andrew Horn was fastest man in 22:14, with fastest woman (& 2nd overall) Lynn Hamel in 22:38.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the night, & to Clarkson Hirst Solicitors for sponsoring the series. The full results are below.

Friday, 31 July 2015 10:35

Salt Ayre TTs, 22 - 30th July 2015

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P1100070 Small

It was cool & blustery for the last of July's Thursday evening time trials, with the start of the school summer holidays seeing fewer riders taking to the track - 58 all up (8 at 2 miles, 22 at 6 miles, & 28 at 10 miles).

It was a close-fought battle for top-spot among the two-milers, with Luke Oakes edging out Jack Tipler by just two seconds, recording a fine 6 mins & 13 seconds. Ethan Yates was 3rd in 6:36 & Jack Malin 4th in 6:55. The final places were rounded out by two sets of siblings; Louis & Ella Cornwall in 7:37 & 7:53 respectively, & Jasper & Arlo Cummins in 8:54 & 10:04 respectively.

It was another tight tussle at the top of the six-mile leader board; Nigel Edwards in 16:31 from Bailey Johnson in 16:41, Hannah Edwards in 16:51, & Isaac Atkinson in 16:59. After Jake Edwards in 17:58 came the 2nd & 3rd girls, Flo Horton in 18:57 & Nancye Roberts in 19:16.

P1100071 Small

We had a tandem, a trike & a two-up out on the track last night too. I'm not sure how it feels taking a tandem around the corners on Salt Ayre, but the pair of Ian Richardson as pilot & Kelli Hirst as stoker looked to be coping fine, & recorded 26:12. Despite a couple of weeks off the trike, Jim Lawley nevertheless recorded a very respectable 35:00. And Mary Neil & Karen Gay are obviously enjoying the 2-up partnership they've struck in recent weeks, completing the 12.5 laps in 31:13.

Of the solo two-wheelers at 10 miles Andrew Horn was half-a-minute quicker than Ian Sibbert, recording 22:09 as against 22:39. Then in a role-reversal to last week Dad Andrew had the beating of son Ben Barlow, their times 23:12 & 23:18 respectively. Not that he needs any, Ben's 'excuse' was the start of the school holidays have seen an increase in his training load! Meanwhile it was very close between the women, with Jenny Evans just one second faster than Ali Oldham, in 27:05 as against 27:06.

Thanks very much to the big team of happy helpers who made the racing possible, & to Clarkson Hirst for supporting the series. I'd be very glad to teach anyone who wants to how to get time trial results up on this website each week, but otherwise there'll be no racing updates during August, until I'm back from holidays at the start of September.

As ever, just click on 'Read more' below to get the table containing full results.

Sunday, 26 July 2015 15:38

Salt Ayre TTs, 21 - 23rd July 2015

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Another 'not bad if not particularly good' week at Salt Ayre, from a performance-perspective, with a bunch of Personal Bests coming more through stronger mid-season form than through especially conducive conditions. But it was dry & mild, albeit blustery. And as usual there was a super turn-out, with 73 rides all up (11 at 2 miles, 32 at 6 miles & 30 at 10 miles).

Over 2 miles Graeme Cook was fastest, in 5:23, ahead of Jake Edwards in 5:58. Girls took the next 3 places - Megan Howarth was 3rd in 6:51, Kirsty Maher 4th in 6:56, & Anya Bardsley 5th in 7:12.

At 6 miles the top 3 all cracked 16 minutes - Bobby Horton was first in 15:03, Evan Busby 2nd in 15:41, & Ben Pennance 3rd in 15:54. The first 3 ladies were Hannah Edwards in 16:58, Alice Earnshaw in 19:27, & Esther Wong in 19:28.

At 10 miles just one rider went under 22 minutes, Andrew Horn in 21:58. 2nd was Ian Rutherford in 22:37, & 3rd Mark Monkhouse in 22:42. The only other riders to average over 25 miles/hour were the two Barlows - son Ben 14 seconds quicker than Dad Andrew, in 22:55 against 23:09. The first three women were Kerry Oldfield (27:57), Sue Holden (29:35), & Mary Neil (30:27).

As always thanks to the team of volunteers who did their stints on the night, & to Clarkson Hirst Solicitors for their support. Please click below for the full results.

Friday, 17 July 2015 08:11

Salt Ayre TTs, 20 - 16th July 2015

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Starting off

It was a warm & windy evening for the 20th of this season's Thursday Salt Ayre Time Trials, sponsored by Clarkson Hirst Solicitors. Although it didn't feel like a quick night, there seemed to be a fair few personal bests recorded, so for some at least it was faster than it felt!

The fastest of the 19 riders over two miles was Jack Tipler in 6:02, closely followed by Dylan Edwards in 6:06 & Ethan Yates in 6:17. Megan Howarth was the fastest girl, in 6:54, from Kirsty Maher in 7:14 & Amelie Earnshaw in 7:37.

25 riders undertook the six mile time trial, with George Mason the fastest in 14:49 from Bobby Horton in 15:27 & Ben Pennance in 15:58. Of the girls, Flo Horton was fastest in 19:34, ten seconds ahead of Nancye Roberts in 19:44, and 3rd place Emilia Wood close behind in 19:49.

The top 4 of the 32 riders tackling ten miles were very close. Lynn Hamel was fastest in 22:50, then joint second were Mark Monkhouse & Ian Sibbert in 22:55, and just three seconds further back was Tom Phillips, in 22:58. 2nd placed woman was Jenny Evans in 27:16, and 3rd Kerry Oldfield in 27:35.

The last riders off were the two-up duo of Karen Gay and Mary Neil, perhaps demonstrating that practice & experience are pretty useful in riding bit-and-bit twelve-and-a-half times around the track, as they went a full minute & 25 seconds faster than last week, recording 30:21.

Twenty weeks in, and people such as Bob & Jan Muir, and Tom & Carmen Jackson are down at Salt Ayre all evening every Thursday; they're there before you arrive & after you've left, getting everything ready & tidying it all away again afterwards. Of course many others help too, but it's people such as Bob, Jan, Tom & Carmen who keep our cycling - & cycling in general - going. So please be sure to let them know you appreciate their efforts.

It was great to see a fair few Cog Setters helping out last night too, & looking like they were enjoying themselves! Thanks to them for mucking in with everybody else.

And finally, thanks to Clarkson Hirst Solicitors, who are supporting this year's time trialling with a generous prize fund.

As always, click below to get the full results.

Friday, 10 July 2015 15:54

Salt Ayre TTs, 19 - 9th July 2015

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This week's Thursday evening time trials produced a crop of excellent times.

At two miles, Isaac Atkinson & Adam Hodgson both recorded 5 mins 29 seconds. Third was Luke Oakes in 6:07, just beating Jack Tipler by two seconds. Fastest girl was Ella Cornwall in 7:47.

At six miles a very much in-form Ben Barlow stormed around the 7.5 laps to produce the fastest time of 2015 so far, 13:34. Second was Ben Pennance in 16:16, and third Graeme Cook in 16:32. Fastest girl was Sasha Oldham in 18:11.

At ten miles, Ian Sibbert was quickest by more than a minute, in 22:36. Tom Oldham was second in 23:41. Steve Hodgson was third, a minute & a second further back, in 24:42. Fastest woman was Louise Goddard, in 28:08.

Salt Ayre Cog Set Chair Mary Neil combined with Karen Gay for a 2-up time trial, the duo riding 12.5 laps at a consistent pace to finish in 31:46.

Thank you very much to everyone who came along to help on the night, old-hands and new-ones alike.

The full results are below.

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 15:37

Salt Ayre TTs, 18 - 2nd July 2015

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Sorry for the delay in posting the results from last week's Thursday evening Salt Ayre time trials. (And incidentally, if there's anyone out there willing to share in the task of putting news up on this, the Club's website, please get in touch.)

The evening ended much better than it started, slowly turning from quite wet to rather pleasant! The ten two-milers bore the brunt of the weather, but both 1st-placed Luke Oakes & 3rd-placed Emilia Wood recorded exactly the same times as the previous week - 6:14 & 6:23 respectively. They were separated by Ethan Yates whose 6:17 was an impressive 13 seconds quicker than last time.

As last week, Brian Murray was the fastest rider of the 18 having a go over six miles, finishing in 15 minutes exactly (19 seconds slower than the previous week). Next were Bobby Horton in 16:09 & Evie Barrow in 16:24. They were followed by a cluster of strong young riders all breaking 17 minutes - Isaac Atkinson, James McCracken, Hannah Edwards, William Dykes & Adam Hodgson.

Two riders tied for the fastest from the 30 starts at ten miles; Ian Sibbert & Tom Phillips both recording 22:43. They were just ahead of Rob Barton in 22:50 & Andrew Barlow in 22:57. Of the women riders Ali Oldham was fastest in 26:56, from Jenny Evans (27:21) & Kerry Oldfield (27:29).

The evening was rounded off with three teams giving a 2-up time trial a go: Jon Barry & Dave Horton recorded 25:10; Paul Andrews & Tilly Percy 27:09; & father & son Gordon & John Roberts 27:38.

Thanks to all those who volunteered on the night. Full results are below.

Time trialling
Teamer has made a new system for people to join the time trial squads.

There is a link for each squad for people to use if they want to register (so instead of Bob Muir sending out invitations, he receives requests which are then authorised).
So if you've been umming & ahhing about giving the Salt Ayre time trials ago, it's now easier than ever to get started, so there's really no excuse!
(If you're already registered & receiving weekly notifications from Teamer you don't have to do anything; this new system is just a new, more streamlined way of getting started.)
Friday, 26 June 2015 07:59

Salt Ayre TTs, 17 - 25th June 2015

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It was a pretty good evening for time trialling at Salt Ayre this week. The rain forecast stayed away, the wind dropped & riding felt sticky but otherwise fast. Some good, personal best, times were certainly recorded. For example Sam Pugh of Garstang CC & Salt Ayre Cog Set, just turned 14, is getting faster every week; last night he rode his new time trial bike over ten miles to a PB 24:06, & he's bound to get faster still! 15 year old Malcolm Neil also rode to a PB, clocking 26:15.

With most of the Cog Set race team taking the night off, the 10 mile top 10 had an older feel to recent weeks. Andrew Horn was first in what could be the fastest 10 mile time ever recorded at Salt Ayre, 21:29; unless anyone knows better, that might be the first time someone's gone below twenty one & a half minutes. Second was Ian Sibbert, just short of his PB in 22:04; and third was fastest woman Lynn Hamel in 22:49. 3rd, 4th & 5th men were a tightly bunched Lancaster CC trio, Tim Norton (23:02), Steve Hodgson (23:04), & Mark Monkhouse (23:08).

An older rider was fastest over six miles too, with Brian Murray recording 14:41. Fastest of the youngsters was 13 year old Cog Set Youth B rider Evie Barrow in a fine 15:53, ahead of a trio of lads, Ben Pennance (16:06), James McCracken (16:22), & Adam Hodgson (16:27).

Quickest over two miles was 10 year old Max Davies in 6:04, followed by 9 year old Luke Oakes in 6:14 and fastest girl 9 year old Emilia Wood in 6:23. Third boy was Ethan Yates in 6:30, and 2nd & 3rd girls Megan Howarth (6:47) & Amelie Earnshaw (7:21).

Anyone who'd like a rider to get an honourable mention in these weekly write-ups, please just drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks! I can only mention what I know!

Finally, before the full results from the evening, a note from Bob Muir, Club President & time-keeper extraordinnaire:

"Thanks very much to those who took on marshalling duties tonight, some at very short notice – we could not continue to run the events in this format without the assistance of volunteers. Please don’t be shy at coming forward. Just contact Tim Norton or register on volunteer spot. On another note, the yellow timing box we use at Salt Ayre is - like any computer - pretty thick. It doesn’t know how far you are racing and just carries on waiting for you to cross the mat. So please, when you have a chip on your bike only cross the mat whilst you are racing. If you cross before you start it throws a "sulk" as it does not know what time you were due to start and thinks you completed the first lap in a negative time, and computers don’t like negative times! On the other hand if you have finished your distance and carry on lapping it merrily goes on adding lap times which makes me unhappy as I have to manually subtract the times to find out what time you did for the distance."

Saturday, 20 June 2015 11:44

Salt Ayre TTs, 16 - 18th June 2015

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Thursday evening this week was dry, moderately mild & slightly breezy; a reasonable night, in other words. No doubt there were others too, but certainly young William Statham earned a personal best, recording 6:52 over two miles, after a fair few weeks of 'short sevens'.

Fastest of the 22 riders over two miles, though, was Jack Tipler in 6:08, with Dylan Edwards four seconds back in 6:12. Ethan Yates took 3rd place in 6:35. Fastest girl was Emilia Wood in 6:48, one second faster than her brother Cameron, and 11 seconds quicker than 2nd placed girl Megan Howarth, with 3rd place going to Amelie Earnshaw in 7:20.

The top three of 20 riders over 6 miles were James McCracken (16:48), William Dykes (17:02) & Adam Hodgson (17:04). The fastest girl was Nancye Roberts in 19:48, with 2nd placed Esther Wong in 20:38.

Of the 39 riders tackling ten miles Andrew Horn was fastest in 21:54, from Ian Sibbert (22:31) & Ian Rutherford (22:35). First woman was Jenny Evans in 27:17, from Kerry Oldfield (28:14) & Louise Goddard (29:15).

Thanks to everyone for continuing to make Thursday evenings such great occasions. What better way to be enjoying the longest evenings of the year than sharing a love of cycling in such fine company!

Full results below.

Saturday, 13 June 2015 10:28

Salt Ayre TTs, 15 - 11th June 2015

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Salt Ayre Time Trial

A gorgeous evening for our 15th evening of time trialling this season, combined with a mid-summer BBQ & prize-giving for the best rides of the year so far, courtesy of Clarkson Hirst Solicitors.

The evening's results first, & Jake Edwards was fastest of the 19 riders at 2 miles, in the only sub-6 minute time of the evening, 5:58. Jack Tipler came second in 6:02, with Max Davies third in 6:15. A good battle again amongst the fastest girlsl, with Esther Wong & Abby Trowse joint first in 6:47, and third placed Kirsty Maher only 3 seconds back in 6:50.

It was a close fought battle at the top of the leader board at 6 miles too, with Brian Murray nudging out Kyle Lewis by one second, to win in 14:49. Ben Pennance was third in 16:09, & Sasha Oldham fastest girl in 17:09. 27 riders all up, at this middle distance this week.

Of the 39 riders at 10 miles, only the super-strong George Wharton broke 22 minutes, winning in 21:59. Tom Phillips was second in 22:27 & Rob Barton third in 22:49. It's great, looking at the top 10 fastest times at this distance each week, to see a good balance between younger & older riders. Not of course that it's all about where you finish - the great thing about time-trialling down at Salt Ayre is every rider can set their own benchmark time, and then race their own self week-on-week!

The fastest of the women riding was Kerry Oldfield, finishing in 26:50.

At the close of the night's racing, as everyone enjoyed the sunshine, food, drink & company, we had our prize-giving ceremony for the best Salt Ayre time trials of 2015 so far (this will be repeated at the end of the season). Congratulations to all the winners.

10 miles
6 miles
2 miles
Andrew Horn
George Mason
Isaac Atkinson
Second fastest
San Monkhouse  =
Tom Brook
Bobby Horton
John Roberts
Best Gauged*
Kerry Oldfield
Eve Barrow
Luke Oakes


Thanks to Clarkson Hirst for supporting this competition. Thanks to everyone for making the evening such a success, & to all those who have helped out in whatever way so far this season. Riders, please don't forget to offer to do your turn, but thanks to all those who keep coming to test themselves around Salt Ayre's track on a Thursday evening.

Full results below.

Friday, 05 June 2015 10:56

Salt Ayre TTs, 14 - 4th June 2015

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Almost certainly the best evening of the year so far down at Salt Ayre - warm, dry & close to windless. And the best turn out too, with a total of 94 riders across the three distances; 18 at two miles, 31 at six miles, and 45 at ten miles. It was great to mingle over a cuppa afterwards, to hear about people's tumbling times, and to witness the quiet smiles of satisfaction spreading across their faces - a modest but well-earned pleasure.

Ian Richardson completed only the first few laps of his ten mile time trial, and therefore inadvertantly won the two mile time trial by a good margin, in the year's fastest time of 4:44. Jack Tipler was second in 6:00, and Max Davies third in 6:18. Fastest girl was Emilia Wood in 6:33, with Esther Wong not far behind in 6:39.

We saw the year's fastest rides at six miles too, with George Mason winning in an excellent 15:04, followed by Bobby Horton in 15:21, and James McCracken in 16:00. Honours for fastest girl were shared by Evie Barrow and Sasha Oldham, both recording the very good time of 16:58.

A superb battle at ten miles, with three of this year's best performing riders all cracking 22 minutes and separated by mere seconds; Andrew Horn taking the win in 21:44, from Sam Monkhouse in 21:47, and George Wharton in 21:53. Among the many other notable performances, young Ben Barlow finished in 22:50 and 5th place, finally beating his dad Andrew, by 11 seconds. With Lynn Hamel volunteering track-side, the competition for fastest woman was close fought, with Alison Oldham in 26:07 edging out Jenny Evans in 26:39.

Very well done to all riders taking part, including those - such as 13 year old Ben Keenan with his sparkling brand new bike - tackling a time trial for the very first time. It's always really, really great to see new faces down at the track, and to watch them test themselves over whichever distance.


At Salt Ayre next week we'll be having a mid-season BBQ and the presentation of prizes for the best rides of the season so far. Very kindly sponsored by Clarkson Hirst Solicitors, there's £25 for fastest, £15 for second fastest, and £20 for best gauged ride so far over each of the distances (with younger riders only eligible for the two & six mile prizes). So let's hope for another good night, and we hope to see you down there!

As ever, thanks to all who helped on the night, and full results available by clicking on 'Read more' just below.

Friday, 29 May 2015 10:22

Salt Ayre TTs, 13 - 28th May 2015

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Another dry Thursday evening of time trialling at Salt Ayre. There was a bit of a wind early on, but it died down for the later riders & had almost stilled completely by the time the last of us left the track to head home at 9pm.

Tilly Percy was fastest of 15 riders over 2 miles, in a time of 5:57. John Roberts was 2nd in 6:06, and Jack Tipler 3rd in 6:20. 2nd girl & 4th overall was Nancye Roberts in 6:30.

Over 6 miles George Mason pipped Ben Pennance by 1 second, to win in 16:23. 3rd of the 11 riders was Guy Jones in 16:55; and fastest girl was Hannah McKee in 20:25.

Tom Phillips was fastest of the 31 riders at 10 miles, and the only one to go under 23 minutes, in 22:47. Making a rare appearance in a Salt Ayre time trial and riding a conventional road bike, Fabian Brennan finished 2nd in 23:06; with Andy Barlow and Ian Sibbert joint third in 23:15. Fastest of the seven women riders was Jenny Evans in 28:40.

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Jan Muir, who was unable to run the signing-on desk last night, and Nigel Neil, who had a spill track-side. And thanks as ever to all those who helped out, including those who rallied round at the last minute.

Especially if you ride but even if you don't, please don't hesitate to take your turn in volunteering on a Thursday evening. Our Club cannot survive without you. To do so, go to

Full results as always are below.

Friday, 22 May 2015 09:38

Salt Ayre TTs, 12 - 21st May 2015

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It was a cool & slightly blustery but dry evening down at Salt Ayre for the 12th in 2015's season of Thursday evening time trials, with 81 rides across the three different distances.

John Roberts & Isaac Atkinson were joint fastest of the 21 youngsters tackling the two mile distance, both recording a time of 6 minutes & 4 seconds. Max Davies was 3rd in 6:19, & Luke Oakes 4th in 6:32. Then in 5th to 8th places overall came the top 4 girls: Nancye Roberts (6:35); Emilia Wood (6:39); Esther Wong (6:55); & Megan Howarth (7:01).

23 riders took on the 6 mile distance, with Bobby Horton fastest by a good margin, in 15:53. Jacob Aubrey & James McCracken were separated by just a second, in 2nd & 3rd with times of 17:10 & 17:11 respectively. Fastest girl was Sasha Oldham in 17:34.

At 10 miles the top 3 riders from the field of 37 broke 23 minutes: Tom Phillips 1st in 22:42; Ian Sibbert 2nd in 22:50; and a brilliant ride by young Ben Barlow to take 3rd in 22:59. The fastest woman was Niamh Lewis in 27:55.

If you're local to Lancaster, we've a fine Bank Holiday weekend of racing in store, including the third of Lancaster CC's Bank Holiday Monday 10 mile time trials on the Levens course on Monday morning. But if you want to see Salt Ayre Cog Set riders from across the age categories (6 to 16) in national-level action, check out the three-day, four-stage Screentek International North West Youth Tour. Stage 1 is a short uphill prologue time trial past Ashton Memorial in Williamson Park, Lancaster from 4pm on Saturday afternoon. Stage 2 consists of a long circuit race at Preston's UCLan arena on Sunday. And the race concludes with Stages 3 (in the morning) & 4 (in the afternoon) down at Salt Ayre on Monday - in a full day of action, the first race starts at 9:30am.

Almost 400 riders & their families are coming to the district for the event, which is among the very biggest in the youth cycling calendar. Well worth checking out, and cheering on our local riders; and Cog Set's famous catering crew will be serving delicious food!

Saturday, 16 May 2015 07:53

Salt Ayre TTs, 11 - 14th May 2015

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A dry, cool & blustery night, and another record in what's turning into a year of breaking records down at Salt Ayre - with 87 riders racing this week: 20 at 2 miles, 28 at 6 miles, and 39 at 10 miles. It shows how cycling in general, including time trialling, is a sport for all ages & abilities, with everyone mixing in a spirit of sporting friendship down at the track. These days lots of people talk about making cycling possible for anyone of any age, from 8 to 80; that's something we're already doing in our little cycling sanctuary of Salt Ayre (an achievement we should all be proud of).

This week Isaac Atkinson scored a convincing victory at 2 miles, in 6:05, with Luke Oakes in 2nd (6:42), and Luke Leadbetter just pipping Ethan Yates for 3rd place (6:52 & 6:53 respectively). Emila Woods was the fifth rider to get under 7 minutes, & fastest girl in 6:57.

Guy Jones was fastest over 6 miles, in 17:25. James McCracken finished 2nd in 17:33, and Christopher Eaton edged out Adam Hodgson by 2 seconds for 3rd (17:50 & 17:52 respectively). Evie Barrow was 5th, the final rider to crack 18 minutes (20 mph), and fastest girl, in 17:54.

15 year old George Wharton was fastest by over half a minute at 10 miles, in 22:43. Ian Sibbert beat fastest woman Lynn Hamel by 3 seconds, to take 2nd in 23:16. The 2 other riders to average above 25 mph & crack 24 minutes were Andy Barlow in 23:50 & Steve Hodgson in 23:55.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the night, and see you all again next week! As ever you can access the full results by clicking on 'Read more' below.

Friday, 08 May 2015 14:08

Salt Ayre TTs, 10 - 7th May 2015

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A lovely dry & bright evening yesterday, perhaps the best of the season so far. And definitely the biggest field – 83 riders: 17 @ 2 miles; 28 @ 6 miles and 38 @ 10 miles.

At 2 miles Dylan Edwards & Jake Edwards got exactly the same time, 6:11, with Max Davies rounding out the top 3 in 6:24. Fastest girl was Emila Wood in 6:56.

Quickest over 6 miles - and the fastest ride of the season so far at this distance - was Ken Roberts in 15:32, with fastest girl Evie Barrow in 2nd place, in 16:39. In joint 3rd place, with a time of 17:02, were Jacob Aubrey & Chris Eaton.

Andrew Horn was fastest over 10 miles, in 21:39, just 8 seconds quicker than 2nd placed Tom Brook. These are the 2 best times of the season so far, with Andrew & Tom the only riders so far to have gone under 22 minutes (Andrew 3 times now, Tom the once). Sam Monkhouse was 3rd, in 22:03. Fastest woman was Louise Goddard, in 29:32.

Friday, 01 May 2015 07:24

Salt Ayre TTs, 9 - 30th April 2015

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A field of 74 riders on a cool & blustery evening down at Salt Ayre last night, although it stayed dry for all but the last few riders.
10 youngsters rode the 2 mile distance, with Luke Oakes coming out top by just 5 seconds in 6:27. Max Davies finished second in 6:32 & John Bardsley third in 6:43; with Megan Howarth fastest of the girls in 7:07. But as always, well done to all the littler ones for having a good go at this distance; it's great to see them spinning round the track at the start of the evening.
A good field of 27 riders at 6 miles, with a range of experiences mixing nicely on the track. The fastest of the bunch was Guy Jones in 17:29 from James McCracken in 17:48 & Christopher Eaton in 17:52; with Sasha Oldham the fastest girl not very far behind in 18:09 & 5th overall.
The battle at the top of the 10 mile leader board continued this week, although with big racing commitments just ahead the fastest younger riders were absent. Tom Phillips in 22:51 got the better of Lynn Hamel in 23:18, with Steve Hodgson 3rd in 23:47. It'll be fascinating to see whose times come down, and by how much, over the next few months, especially if/when we get a warm & calm evening, as surely we're bound to do! Alison Oldham was fastest woman in 27:16.
Of the two 2-up teams, Tim Norton & Tom Oldham looked good together in their ride of 24:26, but things didn't go so well for Ian Sibbert & Kevin Lindeque, although Ian continued alone to record a solo time of 23:48.
For all the details, click on 'Read more' below.
Friday, 24 April 2015 08:46

Salt Ayre TTs, 8 - 23rd April 2015

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Another lovely, warm & sunny Spring evening last night, and another big turn out of riders at all 3 distances. 18 riders at 2 miles, 24 at 6 miles, & 36 riders at 10 miles - 78 all up.
Fastest by almost a minute at 2 miles - preparing for the similar length opening prologue of next weekend's three-stage Isle of Man Youth Tour (Salt Ayre Cog Set will be racing there in strength) - was Bobby Horton in 5:04. Isaac Atkinson was fastest of the younger riders in 6:02, with Nancye Roberts fastest girl in 6:35.
At 6 miles Ken Roberts was fastest in 15:59 from Mark Tunnadine in 16:45 and fastest girl Amy Monkhouse 3rd overall, in 16:50.
Things were tight at the top of the 10 mile leader board, with Ian Sibbert in 22:55 pipping Lynn Hamel by 10 seconds, and Rob Barton another 2 seconds back in 3rd. Another 4 riders (John Hatton, Steve Hodgson, Jonny Wong & Tom Oldham) cracked the magic 24 minute mark.
Next week is your first chance to ride as a 2-up (a team of 2 similar-strength riders sharing the work, resulting in a faster time than either could do alone). It's quite a different experience to an individual time trial, and well worth a go.
As always, for all the times from last night, click on 'Read more' below.
Friday, 17 April 2015 09:00

Salt Ayre TTs, 7 - 16th April 2015

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A lovely evening and a big field for week 7 of this season's Salt Ayre time trials. 12 riders at 2 miles, 24 at 6 miles, & 45 rides at 10 miles - 81 rides all up, which could be a record!

A lot of decent rides at 2 miles, with Dylan Edwards just pipping Max Davies & Luke Oakes into 2nd and 3rd places (with times of 6:20, 6:28 & 6:39 respectively). Fastest girl was Nancye Robers in 6:56.

Some good times posted at 6 miles too, with Tyrone Lewis fastest in 15:50, followed in 2nd place by fastest girl Evie Barrow, in 16:32. All up, there were nine +20 mph rides at this middle distance.

At 10 miles a lot of riders are getting faster as the season progresses. Quickest this week, and the only rider under 22 minutes, was Andrew Horn in 21:57, followed by George Wharton in 22:19 & Fabian Brennan in 22:33. Amongst the women, Kerry Oldfield edged out Alison Oldham by two seconds, finishing in 27:26.

Just to note that, whilst with so many riders on the track it's sometimes difficult to avoid, drafting other riders is technically against the rules and certainly something that's not to be encouraged; time trialling is a race against yourself, so please get your own time, not someone else's! Also, please keep to the left & overtake on the right, & when overtaking please leave space (less experienced riders are spooked by faster riders coming close to them). And finally, please don't forget to volunteer - these events can't happen if people don't lend a hand. Big thanks to all those who helped last night; once again, it was a lovely atmosphere track-side.

Thanks, and see you next week.

Thursday, 16 April 2015 08:33

Time Trialling Prizes - 2015 Season

Written by

Late last year we were approached by Lancaster solicitors Clarkson Hirst, offering sponsorship!

They agreed to fund some prizes, targeting particularly younger competitors and have agreed we should have two prize periods - basically the first and second halves of the season. In June well award the prizes for the first three months as shown below:


10 miles

6 miles

2 miles





Second fastest




Best Gauged*




Only juniors are eligible for prizes at the shorter distances, and thats two thirds of them!

The Prize for Best Gauged ride is a PURE time trialling prize, but not one that could be awarded on a traditional out-and-back coursethe steadiest, most consistent set of splits wins. Its a fair bit of data crunching, but at least the timing system generates the data.

The prizes for the second half of the season are similar, with the addition of prizes for those who improve most over the season.


10 miles

6 miles

2 miles





Second Fastest




Best Gauged




Most Improved




2nd best Improvement




Finally, theres a one-off prize of £150 for the first sub-20 minute ride - if anyone manages it!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 14:54

Salt Ayre TTs, 6 - 9th April 2015

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Longer daylight, warmer weather, & the prospect of a fast night saw the biggest turn out so far this year for the 6th Thursday evening of time trials at Salt Ayre, with 72 riders across the three distances. Of 15 rides at 2 miles, fastest was Louise Goddard in 6:45, with Luke Oakes fastest boy in 7:01. Kyle Lewis was fastest of the 22 riders over 6 miles, in 16:23, with 2nd placed Evie Barrow the fastest girl in 17:20. At 10 miles, Andrew Horn posted the first sub-22 minute ride of the year, with a winning time of 21:54, ten seconds ahead of Tom Phillips. Third place & fastest woman was Lynn Hamel in 22:47. For all the results, please see below. The weather forecast for this week is currently good, so it could be another fast & busy night tomorrow!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 13:41

Salt Ayre TTs, 5 - 2nd April 2015

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50 riders turned out for the fifth of this year's Thursday evening time trials on 2nd April. (Apologies for the delay in putting the results up here.) Fastest boy at 2 miles was Luke Oakes in 6:46; fastest girl Emilia Wood in 6:58. Sam Pugh was fastest over 6 miles, in 16:19. The 10 mile event was again very close - with Sam Monkhouse just pipping George Wharton, by 2 seconds, in a super-fast (in fact, the fastest time recorded on Salt Ayre so far this year) 22:22. Lynn Hamel rode at Salt Ayre for the first time this season, and was fastest lady, in 23:25.
As always, click on 'Read more' below for the full results.
Friday, 27 March 2015 08:34

Salt Ayre TTs, 4 - 26th March 2015

Written by

Bob Muir at Salt Ayre Custom

A cold & blustery but dry evening at Salt Ayre for the 4th of this season's weekly Thursday night time trials, with the same number of riders taking part as last week - 52 across the 3 distances. As always, it's great to see everyone, young and old alike, milling around trackside. The photo above is of Bob Muir, our timekeeper extraordinnaire posting people's finishing times (please note our recent call for volunteers to shadow Bob, & learn the timekeeping craft, so he becomes a bit less indispensable than he currently is!).

Of the 6 riders at 2 miles fastest boy was Dylan Edwards in 6:52 and fastest girl Nancye Roberts in 7:58.

Fastest of the 15 riders at 6 miles was Sam Pugh in 17:02. Fastest woman was Helen Bardsley in 21:10, and fastest girl Sasha Oldham in 22:02.

With the winner of the first 3 10 mile time trials, Sam Monkhouse, resting ahead of this Sunday's Capenwray Road Race, Salt Ayre Cog Set Youth A rider George Wharton was fastest in a very quick - especially given the conditions - 23:03. Three other riders of the 31 participants rode an average speed faster than 25 mph to get under 24 minutes: Andrew Horn (23:26); Sean Casson (23:41); and Andy Barlow (23:51). Fastest woman was Kerry Oldfield in 30:27.

With the clocks going forward this weekend next week's time trials will start, if not finish, in daylight.

Please click on 'Read more' below, to access the full results.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 10:47

Help needed to run events

Written by

It's very encouraging to see how popular cycling has become in recent years, and those involved in Lancaster Cycling Club have played their part in that, by - amongst other things - week in, week out through the cycling season, organising time trials at Salt Ayre which are accessible and appealing to everyone. The number of people riding at Salt Ayre, and the range in age, ability & experience out on the track is an impressive achievement, and something of which we all can be proud.

But of course, this doesn't come for free! Every week we need a team of helpers to make it happen. A rough rule of thumb is that if you have raced two or more times in 2014 or 2015, it's time to take a turn.

So please, if you race - or have children who race - go to to volunteer, or contact Tim at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


***One more person needed for this Thursday evening, 26th March***

Friday, 20 March 2015 10:03

Salt Ayre TTs, 3 - 19th March 2015

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A dry & relatively still evening brought 52 riders to Salt Ayre for the 3rd evening of time trialling this season. It was lovely to see new faces, with a fair few people having their first crack at time trialling. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and come back for more!

Last night we started where we usually finish & finished where we usually start, which added a novel twist for those more familiar with Salt Ayre time triallling.

Of the 6 riders at 2 miles Isaac Atkinson was fastest boy in 6:20, and Emilia Woods fastest girl in 7:31.

Bobby Horton was fastest of 12 riders over 6 miles in 16:52, with his Mum - Sue Holden - fastest female at 18:38; fastest girl was Sasha Oldham in 19:31.

Younger riders filled the podium at 10 miles - of 34 riders Junior rider Sam Monkhouse went fastest for the third week on the trot in 22:57, closely followed by Cog Set Youth riders George Wharton in 23:05 and Alex Chesters in 23:19. Ian Sibbert was fastest of the 'older' contingent, in 23:49. Fastest woman was Alison Oldham in 27:51. Jim Lawley riding a trike finished in 37:01.

Many thanks as always to all those who helped out on the night - sterling efforts all round.

Click 'read more' for the full results.

Time trialling at Salt Ayre

If you're thinking about having a go at a time trial at Salt Ayre one Thursday evening, you'll be very welcome. But please first read and where necessary act on the following, which gives you (hopefully most of) what you need to know.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 13:29

Salt Ayre TTs, 2 - 12th March 2015

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This year's second Thursday night of time trialling at Salt Ayre went ahead despite very wet & windy conditions. 14 brave souls battled the elements.

James McCracken was fastest over 2 miles in exactly 6 minutes. Nancye Roberts was fastest girl in 7:56.

The fastest rider at 6 miles was Tilly Percy, in 19:31. Fastest boy was John Roberts in 21:38.

For the second week Sam Monkhouse was the fastest rider over 10 miles, almost a minute slower than last week but still over 4 minutes faster than the second placed rider (Leo Lerner) in 23:33. Fastest woman was Sarah Shuttleworth in 32:03.

Well done to all those who rode, and all those who helped on the night. And let's hope for better weather for this week's event (fingers' crossed, the forecast is looking OK). Please click below for full results.

Friday, 06 March 2015 09:31

Salt Ayre TTs, 1 - 5th March 2015

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Last night, Thursday 5th March, saw the first of this year's Salt Ayre time trials. The new flood-lights around the track mean it's now possible to race in the dark, extending the racing season. Aided by a hardy group of volunteers, 47 riders braved a cold but dry evening to race at 2, 6 and 10 miles. To see the full results, please click 'Read more' below.