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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 14:11

Salt Ayre Thursday evening time trials - what you need to know Featured

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Time trialling at Salt Ayre

If you're thinking about having a go at a time trial at Salt Ayre one Thursday evening, you'll be very welcome. But please first read and where necessary act on the following, which gives you (hopefully most of) what you need to know.


Welcome to the Lancaster Cycling Club/Salt Ayre Cog Set evening time trials 2015. This year we are holding a time trial on the Salt Ayre circuit every Thursday at 7 PM from the 5th of March to the 24th of September inclusive. The trackside lighting will be on for at least the first and last seven weeks and other evenings as conditions dictate.

Each week there will be two separate time trials, overlapping to the minimum, starting with a two mile time trial (2½ laps of the track) and a six mile time trial (7½ laps) for riders aged 16 and under. Riders entering in advance for the 2 mile time trial will be given early timeslots, with 6 milers later. Those entering on the day will fill in any slots that occur in the start order.

This will be followed by the senior time trial for riders over the age of 16 (and any more experienced younger riders who want to ride the 10 mile time trial). Riders can compete any of the three set distances (2, 6, 10 miles) and those who enter in advance will be given early start times for the 2 and 6 mile TTs followed by those riders doing the full 10 mile time trial (12½ laps), with those who enter on the night filling in any vacant timeslots. With our electronic timing system it is permissible for riders to change their distances during the course of the event. Everybody will be given times for the three fixed distances. Thus a less experienced rider may enter for 2 or 6 miles and decide to continue for the full 10 miles. Likewise rider may enter 10 miles and due to mechanical problems or overestimation of their fitness decide to drop down to one of the lower distances instead of being recorded as DNF (Did Not Finish). This facility however must not be used by more experienced riders to facilitate an early start in the field. It is designed to encourage younger/less experienced riders to safely step up the distance.

All riders must sign on the appropriate start sheet and anybody who hasn't signed on with 10 minutes to their start time will be classed as DNS (Did Not Start) and their timeslot may be given to a rider already present and waiting.

Other things to bear in mind:

• FIRST, we can't run the events without volunteers! We need YOU to sign up for Marshalling. Please go to to volunteer your help, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• The preferred way of entering is via TEAMER. To join Teamer either ring or send a text to 07734906598 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. giving your name (riders name not parent), distance you will be riding, email address (preferably) or mobile phone number. When you register we would prefer you to set up your profile so that you receive notifications by email rather than text messages as we are charged for text messages but emails are free.

• Once registered you will receive a weekly invitation to enter, you should reply 'Y' to the invitation email/text to enter in advance (up to 8pm on the evening before – Wednesday evening) then check on the message board section of the Teamer website later that evening or on the day for your allotted time of start. If you later find you cannot ride please text or email as above so we can give your spot to somebody else.

• You can enter the time trials on the night but you need to arrive early and cannot be guaranteed a ride if there are enough advance entries.

• All riders MUST be a member of Salt Ayre Cog Set, Lancaster CC or any other Cycling Club affiliated to "Cycling Time Trials" (CTT). You can join Lancaster CC or Salt Ayre Cog Set on the night but under 18's please note below.

• All under 18's MUST have a completed CTT Parental Consent form (signed by a parent or guardian) given to the Cog Set or Lancaster CC before the event or completed on the night so if you are entering on the night you will have to make sure you have a parent or guardian with you to complete and sign the form. One form is valid for the whole season.

• There will be two signing on boards at the desk as you enter the Salt Ayre circuit, one for the under 16 event (entry fee £2) and one for the senior event (entry fee £4.50). Collect your number and timing chip.

• The number should be pinned on your racing top in the central lower back area and the timing chip should be mounted on your front axle (there will be a diagram/someone to help you at the signing on desk). Numbers and timing chips should be returned to the signing on desk when you finish.

• Your number will correspond with your start time minutes past the hour. ie No. 31 will be at 31 minutes past the hour. There will be at least two radio controlled digital clocks (one on the signing on desk and one at the start), so you MUST keep an eye on these and arrive at the start in good time. If you miss your start time we may not be able to find an empty slot to fit you in!

• The start will be organised by a member of LCC and a Cog Set parent. Riders will be held up and given a "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO" count down to their start time.

• Riders will be started at one minute intervals and complete the half lap before they pass the timekeepers station, then complete the required number of full laps, hopefully keeping count, and SHOUT their number when they pass the timekeepers at the end of their last lap. If unsure that you have completed your full number of laps continue for an extra lap and the timekeepers should let you know if you have finished, otherwise exit the track safely when you reach the start area after half a lap. Warming up on the track is not allowed after the first rider has started and once riders have finished they should not ride round the track cooling down.

• Riders should keep to the left of the track, only moving out to the right to overtake other riders and pass the start area. Always check when moving out that no one is about to pass you!

• There will be many riders on the track at any one time and inevitable bunching will occur but in Time Trials you are meant to ride unpaced. Do not "tuck in" behind other riders and take pace.

• The timekeeper's station will be manned by one or two timekeepers and a lap recorder. There will also, weather permitting, be a video camera running to check possible errors in laps completed by riders. The lap recorder will use a digital dictation machine to record the number of every rider as they pass the line. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE TIMEKEEPING TEAM. Results will be relayed to the signing on desk as they become available with final results posted on TEAMER later in the evening and on the LCC & Cog Set website. Any queries re. times will be dealt with at the END of the event.

If you have any questions or any problems, please don't hesitate to ask other people for advice or help down by the track. If it's your first time trial, there'll inevitably be things you don't quite understand, but we've all been there and are happy to help! And once you've finished, grab a cup of tea & biscuit and hang around for a chat. We aim for Thursday evening time trials to be a relaxed and sociable, as well as a sporting, occasion!



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