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Lancaster City Centre Crits: LC3

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LC3 is Coming - 6th August!

After two years of City Council running a city centre race, Lancaster Cycling Club has taken the event over in 2014.

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LC3 = Lancaster City Centre Crits. Those not familiar with competitive cycle sport will not know that ‘crit’ is short for ‘criterium’ and that this means a multi-lap race round a traffic-free circuit. This might be a purpose built cycle racing track like our own Salt Ayre. Or, once a year, the racing comes into town.

During an evening of crit racing there will be three, four or more events - the number of events is limited chiefly by the amount of daylight available. One of these events may be for women only, one is usually for youths and another one or two will be determined by the Category of the individual rider. British Cycling runs a system of grading riders by proven ability: you would start as a 4th Category rider, and race against other 4th and maybe 3rd “Cats”. If you win or place well in your races you gain ‘points on your license’ - enough points and you become a 3rd Cat yourself.

And so on. After Ist Cat there’s only Elite Category and then you’re at the top of the tree. Traditionally, events become faster as the evening goes on and the final race will be restricted to Elites, 1sts and maybe 2nds.

In Lancaster this year we will only be able to fit in three events -  a youths’ race, a 3rd/4th Category and Women’s race (the women will have a separate prize list) and the final race for Elite/1st/2nd Cats.

The first race will start at 6.30 and the last finish around 9pm.

Enter LC3 via the British Cycling website


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