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HQ for the Inter Club 25 mile time trial on Levens on Wednesday 8th July will be the Hare & Hounds in Levens village. The postcode is LA8 8PN, & the pub's website is here. If you plan to ride, let Andrew Barlow (email below) know before Sunday morning (5th July), when he plans to do the start sheet. You might be able to enter on the evening but the field is limited to 60, so if there are a lot of pre-entries it might be full (& lots of people at Barrow CW's Coast Road 21 event last night were talking about riding).

We are very short of marshalls for this event, & also need a time-keeper. Please help if you can, or if you're planning to ride you could try to rope in a friend or relative to come along with you & help out on the night. Let Andrew Barlow know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks.

Meanwhile, in other time trialling news ... we've had an email regarding two Border City Wheelers events later in July:

"Great news - the Border City Wheelers 10 and 25 will take place on 18 and 19 July, as planned.

However, given the ongoing roadworks on the A66 the events will be held on alternative courses. The 10 will be held on the L108 (Tebay) and the 25 will be held on the L259 (Calthwaite).

Thanks to event organisers Kevin Crawley and Carol Westmorland for going the extra mile to ensure the events go ahead.

Please support the events and encourage others to enter too - both events can be entered, via internet entry. (Go here for the 10; & here fore the 25 - entries for both events close on 7th July.)

Both events also count towards the 2015 NLTTA Points Competition too.


Jamie Carson
Chorley CC"


Thursday, 02 July 2015 14:28

Inter Club Hilly Series, Event 5 - Coast Road 21

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Barrow CW Coast Road 21 1-7-15 640x480

The latest (& 5th in the series of 8) in this season's Inter Club Hilly events took place on the coast road between Ulverston & Barrow-in-Furness on Wednesday.

On a warm evening under stormy skies the two Lancaster CC representatives finished almost exactly 10 minutes apart. Continuing his fine season, Tom Brook finished 2nd on the night in 49:14, just one second behind winner Peter Thomas of Kent Valley RC (49:13). Apparently these are the 2nd & 3rd quickest times ever recorded on the course (despite a flurry of PBs, the course record remained intact at 48:39). Meanwhile Dave Horton finished 28th of the 42 riders in 59:15, but was happy just to 'break the hour' over the rolling course.

Thanks to everyone involved in what was a lovely event - friendly & welcoming, & (if you manage to look up!) the course runs through a stunning part of the world.

We'll have to wait and see what the event has done to the Inter Club competition standings, but with only two LCC riders as against 10 from Kent Valley, 12 from Lakes RC & 13 from Barrow, it's likely to see us toppled from the leader board! So an extra incentive, if you need one, to make a note & get along to the next event - Monday 3rd August, 7pm - Kent Valley's Jungle Cafe Hilly time trial.

A more comprehensive report of the event can be found on Barrow CW's excellent website here, or click read more below to see the full results.

Time trialling
Teamer has made a new system for people to join the time trial squads.

There is a link for each squad for people to use if they want to register (so instead of Bob Muir sending out invitations, he receives requests which are then authorised).
So if you've been umming & ahhing about giving the Salt Ayre time trials ago, it's now easier than ever to get started, so there's really no excuse!
(If you're already registered & receiving weekly notifications from Teamer you don't have to do anything; this new system is just a new, more streamlined way of getting started.)
Wednesday, 01 July 2015 12:40

Inter Club News

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There's a fair bit of news on the Inter-club front.

First of all, the next event in the Inter-club Hilly Series is tonight. Here's what organiser Glenn Rhodes of Barrow Central Wheelers says:

Coast Road 21 mile TT – Inter Club Hilly event Wednesday July 1st 19:00 hours.

As part of the Inter-Club Hilly Series Barrow Central Wheelers are running the coast 21 course to offer a mixture of lumpy and flat for a more prolonged form of extreme pain. Results from this will form part of the Inter Club series so do your best to come along and represent your club.
This is a come along and sign on event, rather than pre-entry. 

Details of the HQ (post code LA12 9HT) and course can be found here, or by going via:

First rider goes off at 19:01 and sign on starts at 18:00.

Please arrive in good time to get parked (Leisure centre car park or on Priory Road North nearby).

Signing on closes at 18:45ish to allow the timekeeper to get to the start. The really fast riders do this course in around 50 minutes (the course record of 48:39 was set two years ago by Barrow CW's Oliver McKenna). If you think you’re going to be a touch slower than that it might be wise to sign on early to ensure an earlier start time.

Hope to see you there.

Glenn Rhodes

Then second, a week today - but not part of the hilly series (probably because it's too flat!) - there's an Inter-club 25 mile time trial on Levens.
So that's Wednesday 8th July 2015, at 7pm.
If you want to ride, please let Andrew Barlow know by emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tell him the club you'll be riding for, & your best time over 25 miles (or 10 miles, if you've never ridden a 25 - this will help him determine the best order of riders on the night).
Andrew says "Last year worked well for marshalls. We need 1 - 2 volunteers from each club for this. There are three roundabouts and each club can marshall the one closest to them, as last year." Andrew adds that "We haven't got a time keeper at the moment, so if any one can do that, please let me know."
There will be food afterwards at the Hare & Hounds for 35-40 people. So when you contact him, please let Andrew know if you want to eat.
Then finally, third, here's the latest standings in the Inter-club competition following the 4th of 8 events the Jubilee Tower Hill Climb:
Lancaster CC 1069 points
Kent Valley RC 775 points
Lakes RC 474 points
Barrow CW 172 points
Lune RCC 120 points

Andrew notes that "at the half-way point and with both Lancaster CC’s events completed, they are now leading the table by nearly 300 points with 4 events to go."

But it'll be interesting to see how the table looks after tonight's Ulverston/Barrow/Ulverston event! We'll get the results from that, along with updated Inter-club standings, up here as soon as possible.

Thanks to Series organiser Andrew Barlow for all his hard work in making this happen.

Friday, 26 June 2015 07:59

Salt Ayre TTs, 17 - 25th June 2015

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It was a pretty good evening for time trialling at Salt Ayre this week. The rain forecast stayed away, the wind dropped & riding felt sticky but otherwise fast. Some good, personal best, times were certainly recorded. For example Sam Pugh of Garstang CC & Salt Ayre Cog Set, just turned 14, is getting faster every week; last night he rode his new time trial bike over ten miles to a PB 24:06, & he's bound to get faster still! 15 year old Malcolm Neil also rode to a PB, clocking 26:15.

With most of the Cog Set race team taking the night off, the 10 mile top 10 had an older feel to recent weeks. Andrew Horn was first in what could be the fastest 10 mile time ever recorded at Salt Ayre, 21:29; unless anyone knows better, that might be the first time someone's gone below twenty one & a half minutes. Second was Ian Sibbert, just short of his PB in 22:04; and third was fastest woman Lynn Hamel in 22:49. 3rd, 4th & 5th men were a tightly bunched Lancaster CC trio, Tim Norton (23:02), Steve Hodgson (23:04), & Mark Monkhouse (23:08).

An older rider was fastest over six miles too, with Brian Murray recording 14:41. Fastest of the youngsters was 13 year old Cog Set Youth B rider Evie Barrow in a fine 15:53, ahead of a trio of lads, Ben Pennance (16:06), James McCracken (16:22), & Adam Hodgson (16:27).

Quickest over two miles was 10 year old Max Davies in 6:04, followed by 9 year old Luke Oakes in 6:14 and fastest girl 9 year old Emilia Wood in 6:23. Third boy was Ethan Yates in 6:30, and 2nd & 3rd girls Megan Howarth (6:47) & Amelie Earnshaw (7:21).

Anyone who'd like a rider to get an honourable mention in these weekly write-ups, please just drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks! I can only mention what I know!

Finally, before the full results from the evening, a note from Bob Muir, Club President & time-keeper extraordinnaire:

"Thanks very much to those who took on marshalling duties tonight, some at very short notice – we could not continue to run the events in this format without the assistance of volunteers. Please don’t be shy at coming forward. Just contact Tim Norton or register on volunteer spot. On another note, the yellow timing box we use at Salt Ayre is - like any computer - pretty thick. It doesn’t know how far you are racing and just carries on waiting for you to cross the mat. So please, when you have a chip on your bike only cross the mat whilst you are racing. If you cross before you start it throws a "sulk" as it does not know what time you were due to start and thinks you completed the first lap in a negative time, and computers don’t like negative times! On the other hand if you have finished your distance and carry on lapping it merrily goes on adding lap times which makes me unhappy as I have to manually subtract the times to find out what time you did for the distance."

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 09:04

Jubilee Tower Hill Climb, 22nd June

Written by

Another good night for the Jubilee Tower hill climb, with the threatened rain holding off & a good tail wind helping the riders up the climb, & to some fast times including - for those who have done this event before - many Personal Bests.

Dave Huck of Lakes RC, third placed by a whisker up last week's Conder Bottom climb, came out top this week, winning in 7:30.4. George Wharton riding for Kent Valley RC was second last week & second again this week, in 7:42.9. Craig Steele of Lakes RC & David Trotter of Lancaster CC were the only other riders to go under 8 minutes, tying for third place in 7:49.1. Their impressive times help you realize how remarkable is the current course record, set by former National Hill Climb Champion Tevjan Pettinger on the 4th October 2012, of 6:57.0 (an average speed of above 16 mph over the 1.7 mile climb). Following a tough weekend of racing that saw him get very close to breaking our Club's 10 mile record & within striking distance of the 25 mile record, last week's hill climb winner Ryan Coulton enjoyed a restful ride out to watch his clubmates & other riders digging deep on their way up from Quernmore crossroads to the Tower (you realize how long this climb is when, at the end of the evening, it's time to ride back down - even at downhill speed, it takes quite a while to retrace your racing trip!).

A further seven riders were under 9 minutes, including Lancaster CC's Tom Brook & John Hatton, and Cog Set's Ben Barlow & Jonny Wong. Fastest woman was multiple National Women's Hill Climb Champion Lynn Hamel of LUSSO in 9:42.5.

As usual, huge thanks to all those who helped out on the night; the event would not have happened without you. To see the full results, click on 'Read more' below. But meanwhile, here's the standings in this season's Inter-club Hilly competition after the third event, last week's Conder Bottom climb (so not including the Jubilee Tower results). As you can see, we used our home advantage to good effect!

Lancaster CC   666 points
Kent Valley RC  532 points
Lakes RC  376 points
Barrow CW  172 points
Lune RCC  84 points





The next event in the series is Barrow Central Wheelers' Coast Road 21 mile time trial on Wednesday 1st July at 7pm. The course follows the coast road (A5087) between Ulverston & Barrow, & includes 381 metres of ascent; for details go here. We'll need a few riders there if we're to retain our place at the top of the leader board!

Saturday, 20 June 2015 11:44

Salt Ayre TTs, 16 - 18th June 2015

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Thursday evening this week was dry, moderately mild & slightly breezy; a reasonable night, in other words. No doubt there were others too, but certainly young William Statham earned a personal best, recording 6:52 over two miles, after a fair few weeks of 'short sevens'.

Fastest of the 22 riders over two miles, though, was Jack Tipler in 6:08, with Dylan Edwards four seconds back in 6:12. Ethan Yates took 3rd place in 6:35. Fastest girl was Emilia Wood in 6:48, one second faster than her brother Cameron, and 11 seconds quicker than 2nd placed girl Megan Howarth, with 3rd place going to Amelie Earnshaw in 7:20.

The top three of 20 riders over 6 miles were James McCracken (16:48), William Dykes (17:02) & Adam Hodgson (17:04). The fastest girl was Nancye Roberts in 19:48, with 2nd placed Esther Wong in 20:38.

Of the 39 riders tackling ten miles Andrew Horn was fastest in 21:54, from Ian Sibbert (22:31) & Ian Rutherford (22:35). First woman was Jenny Evans in 27:17, from Kerry Oldfield (28:14) & Louise Goddard (29:15).

Thanks to everyone for continuing to make Thursday evenings such great occasions. What better way to be enjoying the longest evenings of the year than sharing a love of cycling in such fine company!

Full results below.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 09:53

Conder Bottoms Hill Climb, 15th June

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Watching the Condor Bottoms Hill Climb

We struck lucky for the first of LCC's two Club hill climbs, with a lovely dry & sunny evening for the ride from Conder Mill Bridge on the River Conder up the west side of Quernmore valley towards Lancaster. A good crowd gathered at the topmost turn, to cheer the riders as they passed. All up 37 riders rose to the challenge, and in the good if not perfect conditions three riders broke the two-minute mark. In first place was Ryan Coulton of Better Cycling in a time of 1 minute 56.8 seconds, exactly a second ahead of second-placed George Wharton riding for Kent Valley RC; with Dave Huck of the Lakes Road Club two-tenths of a second further back in third, 1:58.0. Their impressive times make you realize just how quick was Jack Pullar's course record ride of 1:37.2!

The overall results also make you realise just how significant Salt Ayre Cog Set has become to the local vibrancy of racing cycling. Four of last night's top 10 (George Wharton, Jonny Wong, Alex Chesters & Ben Barlow) belong to Cog Set's race team; and evidence that the talent keeps on coming was provided by the fine performance of youngest rider on the night, twelve year old Youth C rider Adam Hodgson (3:07.9).

The fastest of the three women was Sue Holden, riding her first hill climb, in 3:36.5.

Thanks to all those who helped on the night, & to those who came to cheer the riders on.

The second of our Club hill climbs, the longer ride up the other side of Quernmore valley to Jubilee Tower, is next Monday 22nd June, 7pm.

Full results below. Updated standings in the Inter-club hilly series will be published here once we have them.

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