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  1. Why gravel bikes with flat handlebars absolutely make perfect sense

    Flat bars on gravel bikes make a lot of sense for many different types of riders.
    The bottom half of the cycling internet really doesn’t like change. While gravel cycling has been upending the sport for close to a decade now, it’s still a guarantee that almost any review of a drop-bar bike with a tyre wider than 40mm will elicit comparisons to 1990s mountain bikes. If I suggest you get […]
  2. Video shows terrifying moment driver causes group of cyclists to crash by passing too close 

    A video has emerged showing the terrifying moment a driver caused a group of cyclists to crash by passing too close.
  3. CW5000 December Challenges

    The emails from those who had completed the challenge were flooding in through November. The 18th was a particularly busy day with 31 people contacting us to say they had recently ridden through the 5,000 mile target. Well done to everyone who has managed it, and to all of those still chasing the target – […]
  4. Best Cyber Monday deals on energy drinks, bars, recovery and other cycling nutrition

    Best Cyber Monday nutrition 2020
    Fuel your rides properly with these deals
  5. Beat back pain: Declaring war on cycling's number-one ride-spoiler

    (Daniel Gould)
    CW's James Shrubsall makes his first tentative steps back onto the bike after months out with back trouble